The Ghost in Centre’s Fog

by McKenzie Snellgrove and Linley Mueller

It was a dark and hazy night in new quad… The silver moonlight shimmered on the concrete. Dew on the grass reflected the light from above. Then, a noise. Shoes on the hard steps that lead from Northside to Yerkes. Pale skin glimmering under the dim lamp post… Out from the shadows walks… a naked man. Shock and disbelief are the first feelings. Nothing like this has ever graced the space in front of our dorm. Walking with the confidence of an undefeated fighter. Is it okay to do this on such a busy night? Right in front of our living space?

The unexplained should remain that way. A mood set over the grass as the man crossed the street. His shoulders squared, his jaw set, and his feet walking in slow motion. As he walked past our window, we saw the deep, dark, crack. He strode towards the cross walk. It was hard to notice anything else. It was a waking dream. We turned to each other, making sure it wasn’t imagined. Who is this mysterious flame walker? Maybe, a ghost of past flame runs gone wrong? Maybe… a nudist? Someone seeking acceptance from the night? We may never know… But, we do know one thing: anyone that proud to walk naked at night during February is truly an adventurous soul.

If you find yourself burning the midnight oil, and the fog hangs outside your window… Beware. Someone… anyone… the ghost that walks the flame, could be right outside your building. If you yourself decide to take a similar stroll, make sure you know the risk. Your story could be printed for life.

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