Champions Hall: Clarified

by Noah Calhoun

One of the most visible locations on Centre’s campus over the last few semesters has been the under-construction, now open Champions Hall, previously referred to as the IWAE by students and faculty alike. This massive $70 million complex behind Crounse and Young has felt confusing to many members of the student body. They have had many questions regarding this major investment. Who is it for? What does this new grab-‘n-go café offer? We will attempt to answer some of these questions here.

Is it open to all students?
The new weight room, indoor track and field, Olympic sized pool and multipurpose rooms is open to all students. The sports teams will have priority access, but there are regular hours during which non-athletes can use these facilities. Additionally, there are many activities planned by SAC which will take place in these areas. For instance, they are planning on hosting dive-in movie nights once the pool has been completed.
This space is planned to function as a general wellness center for students. There are weekly Zumba, HIIT workouts, and yoga classes held in the hall’s multipurpose rooms. The lobby is noticeably full of chairs and tables, making Champion’s hall a new option for studying and schoolwork. The hall also contains a new dining option: the 365 Market.

What are the hours?
The hall is open from 7 in the morning to at least 8 at night.

When does the pool open?
The Olympic sized pool is expected to open by the end of May. It will be available for all students to access during yet-to-be-specified hours.

What will happen to the old natatorium?
As of now there have been no plans made regarding the future of the old Boles natatorium once the pool opens. Many options have been discussed but the verdict is still out regarding its future.

What is the menu of the 365 Market?
Currently it consists of sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, granola, protein bars, gum, and a mix of other snack and meal options. The current plan from Parkhurst is to alternate the items weekly, keeping those which are selling and trading out the ones which do not sell as well. This means that your favorites should stay consistent with other options replacing those which students dislike.

Can we request menu items?
Yes! If you want to request or ask for options in the market, contact Samantha Balistreri through her email at or through the virtual comments on Centre dining in general. Remember that requests will not appear immediately as the food orders for the market are made weekly.

How was this funded?
It is important to note that none of your tuition money was used for Champions Hall’s construction! It was entirely funded by $70 million worth of donations from alumni with the goal of promoting health and wellness on Centre’s campus.

If you have any more questions regarding this important new location, do not hesitate to contact the Cento at, and we will be sure to follow up on your questions. This report is a mix of the information given by the Centre College admissions office and from communication with Parkhurst dining.

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