‘Priscilla’: What Does a Life With the King Really Look Like?

by Elle Moses, Staff Writer

‘Priscilla’ is a triumph for misunderstood and mistreated women everywhere. This film follows the storyline of Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of Elvis Presley. Unlike the 2022 film ‘Elvis’ starring Austin Butler, this film is a critique of Elvis. Through the manicured and dreamy lens of famed director Sophia Coppola, we can see the failures and cracks in Elvis’s personality and morals when Priscilla comes into question. The build-up of Priscilla and Elvis’s relationship is dotted with a feeling of nostalgia for an idealistic girlhood, a pink world centered around rockstars and new dresses. As this story progresses, you can see the breakdown of Elvis through changes in the perfection of both the scenery and Priscilla’s physical appearance. The small details in this movie mean everything to plot development and that is something I adore as a film nerd. Overall, this film has all the elements that a beautiful film should have. Cinematography, soundtrack, costume, casting, script, etcetera, all come together beautifully to create the masterpiece that is ‘Priscilla.’ If you’re looking for a story detailing the life of a powerful young woman and the downfall of a man, this film is for you.

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