Pictured: Sophomores Meredith Harbison and Kelsie Essel
Photo taken by Katherine Mackin

Students return outside in lieu of warmer weather

BY MICHELLE KIM–CENTO WRITER Now that the snow has melted and it is no longer crucial to put on seven layers of clothing just to get to class, students are rediscovering old hobbies that went into hibernation during the cold winter. They are replacing their sleds with hammocks and their Bean boots with Chacos. Spring is…

ZZ Top

Iconic ZZ Top ready to rock and roll at Centre

BY MORGAN KING–STAFF WRITER On Fri., March 21, the Norton Center for the Arts will be hosting a sold-out show for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legends ZZ Top. The show, originally scheduled for Homecoming Weekend, was postponed after co-lead vocalist Dusty Hill sustained an injury falling from the tour bus. The rock group,…

America’s Summer Movie Line Up

BY THOMAS SACCENTE – STAFF WRITER The American film industry is a business that works almost exclusively on a yearly cycle. The seasons are a defining factor for what movies get released at what times, and this formula continues as a staple of the industry for decades. For example, the beginning of the year is…

Students Offer Insights Into Alternative Spring Break

BY IRINI BROM – CENTO WRITER Spring break — the short-lived break we receive each year where, for one whole week, thinking about school is taboo and doing homework is forbidden. Usually for this break, students jet off to the hottest beach or the nearest college town to participate in debauchery so creative that even…

Greek Students Dismayed to Find Their Big/Little “Not Perfect”

BY GRAY WHITSETT – OPINIONS SECTION EDITOR The longstanding tradition of having a ‘big’ and ‘little’ is central to being a member of a fraternity and sorority, creating a bond between Greek members that can often transcend brotherhood or sisterhood. For many, it’s one of the closest bonds to be formed during their college years….

Pictured: Sophomore Sarah Harris
Photo taken by Katherine Mackin

Women’s Tennis Fights Through Middle of Conference Schedule

BY KINSEY HISLE – COPY CHIEF   The Women’s Tennis team began their season against stiff Division II competition, but is currently 2-3 for their season so far. The women began their season during CentreTerm break in Orlando, FL with two matches against the Southeastern University Fire and the Florida Institute of Technology Panthers. The…

A Chilly Warm-Up

BY ADAM FALLUJI – STAFF WRITER This year Centre has faced a big challenge with extreme weather conditions. Cancelling class is nearly unheard of, yet the College did so for two-and-a-half days this Spring term in order to ensure the safety of students and faculty. While many of us crowd in the warmth of our…

Photo taken by Judi Zhang

A Caffeinated Centre

BY NICOLE POTTINGER – STAFF WRITER Centre students love their coffee. It keeps them energized while writing and reading until the early hours of the morning, and with Sandella’s now serving a full Starbucks menu, the possibilities of coffee options are seemingly endless. A quick peek behind the counter at Sandella’s shows a myriad of…

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