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  • Sandella’s Flatbread Café to replace Jazzman’s

    Sandella’s Flatbread Café to replace Jazzman’s

  • Baseball battles youth and the weather in 2014

    Baseball battles youth and the weather in 2014

If J.Crew met Ann Taylor

If J.Crew met Ann Taylor

For many college students, fashion seems to take the back seat. With the goal of making it to class on time, many Centre students often overlook their wardrobe choices. But as it turns out the term “dress for success” does really have an impact on how people perform.
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A professor and his paint

A professor and his paint

When he’s not busy mentoring 60 student leaders as the Director of the Bonner Program, facilitating campus community service initiatives in his role as the Campus Director of Community Service, teaching biology as an Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, or chasing after his one-year-old daughter Evy, Dr. Matthew Klooster likes to paint.
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Take a Hike

Take a Hike

After months of gray skies, frozen trees, and hiding away in cozy dorm rooms, it may seem like Kentucky’s outdoors doesn’t have much to offer. But Kentucky’s countryside is home to dozens of nature trails and nature preserves, many not too far from campus, that are gorgeous in the sunlight.
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Musicians Showcase

Musicians Showcase

Student musicians performed at the Musicians Showcase on Sat., April 12, in Newlin Hall. The biannual event features student performers who take private music lessons or are members of campus ensembles. Many perform stand-alone pieces by well-known composers; others premiere original songs.
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