Sophomore Emilie O’Connor practices a piece with her voice teacher, Adjunct Professor of Music Mark Kano, in a Grant practice room.

Four Years Full of Melodies

By MARY BURGER – STAFF WRITER Music is an essential part of life. Listening to a song can change one’s mood or lead to a reflective meditation. The number of Music majors on campus is small, but an even smaller percentage choose to focus on the most natural of instruments—the voice. When students declare a…

Until the Whistle Blows: the Resurgence of America’s Pastime

By ALEX MULHALL – STAFF WRITER The beginning of October means only one thing for Major League Baseball (MLB) fans: the playoffs. For the past several years, there has been a large amount of parity among the league teams, which has led to several repeat playoff contenders each year. For example, the St. Louis Cardinals have…


New Source of Sweets Arrives on N Third Street

By MORGAN KING – STAFF WRITER It is an American classic, a Southern favorite, and everyone has an opinion on their favorite flavor. It’s pie—one of the best pastries around—and it has found a home in Danville. Located just a short way from the Centre bookstore, sits Pies for You. From the street, the bright orange…

Frank X Walker is one of many guest speakers who appeared as part of the special programming highlighting the Civil Rights movement

Centre Celebrates Civil Rights Anniversary

By STEWART COARD – CENTO WRITER The National Endowment for the Humanities, as part of its Bridging Cultures Initiative in partnership with the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History, recently gave Centre College a grant to run year-long programming meant to increase awareness and discussion of the Civil Rights movement. The program initially included four films documenting…

Quality Enhancement Plan Looks at Far Reaching Decisions

By MARY BURGER – STAFF WRITER Every ten years Centre College participates in the reaffirmation of accreditation. This allows the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), through which Centre is accredited, to ensure that the school is following all standards. These standards are best addressed through the SACSCOC mission statement: “Accreditation by…

A Time for Squiggles and Poses

By THOMAS SACCENTE – STAFF WRITER Midterms at Centre College can be a stressful time for even the best of students. Weeks of reading, studying, and writing all come down to this: a series of thorough, lengthy, and often difficult exams that ultimately play a huge role in determining one’s grade for a given class….

Faculty and staff designed their own sustainability projects like the Monarch Way Station, a garden made to attract Monarch butterflies.

EPA Grant allows Centre Funding for Sustainability Projects

By REBECCA FULTON – CENTO WRITER Sustainability on Centre College’s campus has become a growing issue over the past couple of years, especially with the addition of the Environmental Studies minor. Since 2012, Centre has received two grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used for composting and promoting sustainability on campus. Officially called…

Horror Story Returns

By MORGAN KING – STAFF WRITER On Wed., Oct. 8, the Centre College community sat down by their TVs to watch one of the most talked about shows of the fall: American Horror Story, which has returned for its wildly anticipated fourth season. American Horror Story is a cultural phenomenon that has swept across the television…

CrossFit Popularity Continues to Grow

By NICOLE POTTINGER – STAFF WRITER CrossFit is a high-intensity workout regime that has gained a huge following in recent years. It involves constant varied movements, which are performed as quickly as possible in a given time period. There are over 10,000 affiliated CrossFit gyms in the United States. Starting in 2007, the “CrossFit Games” are…

Just as fall takes hold at Centre College, the students go on break. For those who stick around, the campus offers beautiful autumn scenery.

Everyone Wants a Longer Fall Break—Right?

By JARED THOMPSON – STAFF WRITER Everyone has reached that slump. You’ve written a paper for every class, you’ve spent countless hours tucked away in one of Grace Doherty’s cubbies, and you’ve finally kicked midterms right in the teeth. Now you just want to relax and spend a bit of time thinking about something that isn’t…

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