Photographer: Justin Anderson

Get Centred: A haven of peace

BY RACHAEL BLANDAU – STAFF WRITER Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with your workload that you just wanted to get some peace? When you are in the middle of the worst semester in your life you may not think you can get relief from everything bogging you down, while the solution to that never-ending…

Belligerent Alumnus Angered Nevin Hall No Longer Moral Wasteland

BY GRAY WHITSETT – OPINIONS EDITOR Citing glorious days of untold vandalism, flame runs, and endemic stench, Centre College graduate and veteran of Nevin Hall William Withers was outraged this homecoming weekend to find the building he once called home inhabited by men and women alike. “I’m livid,” the 1981 graduate said, after shot-gunning his…

Photographer: Judi Zhang

Health Corner: The Importance of Sleep

BY DANA REYNOLDS – STAFF WRITER What is the one thing that almost all college students are lacking? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, it is most definitely sleep. But between hard classes, exams, sports practices, choir, student government, etc., how are we supposed to make time? Like everyone else…

SGA Finance

SGA Finance Committee on allocations, special funding requests

BY DANA REYNOLDS – STAFF WRITER Within each academic year, the Student Government Association (SGA) is given an allocation of funds from Centre’s Board of Trustees that is used to finance events and organizations across campus. Instead of having self-sustaining organizations, Centre promotes an atmosphere where is the Student Government Association plays an active role—taking…

Photographer: Judi Zhang

Danville natives drive Centre athletics

BY BEN DUNNING – STAFF WRITER There are many reasons that a prospective college student would want to be a Colonel. From prestigious academics and esteemed professors to the opportunity to receive a renowned education in Boyle County or almost any abroad location you could desire, Centre attracts a diverse crowd from a wide variety…

Photographer: Robert Boag

Fall for Fall: Things to do this autumn

BY SHRUTI RAM – STAFF WRITER The leaves have begun to pepper the ground around campus and the weather is cooling down, and that can only mean one thing: fall, the season of Halloween, sweater weather, and pumpkin spiced lattes is here. “Fall is my favorite season by far,” sophomore Zoe Doubles said. “I love…


Drama students react to ‘Assassins’

BY LAURA HUMBLE – ARTS & LEISURE EDITOR Earlier this year, DramaCentre announced they will produce Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins as the spring term musical. Assassins depicts the group of men and women who have either successfully assassinated or unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate former presidents of the United States. The show opened off Broadway in 1990,…

Centre welcomes back alums as fellows: Part I

BY CATHERINE HINES – STAFF WRITER This year, Centre College has welcomed back several alums as fellows, where they will continue their professional development as working members of several of the College’s offices. Throughout the upcoming weeks, The Cento will chat with each of the new fellows about their new positions and how it feels…

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