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Many Centre students come from cities or towns bigger than Danville, and at times Centre students may have a less than positive opinion of the surrounding area because it can appear that there is little to do. However, coming to Centre means accepting the college and the town at face value, and because many Centre students call Danville their home, it is important to be respectful when discussing Danville and the surrounding area.

It is important to note that there are negative experiences, like students being catcalled on Main St. or slurs being yelled by passing motorists. Those experiences are not invalidated by acknowledging the good that Danville has to offer. This is an issue that should be emphasized, because for some students, Danville can genuinely be difficult to live in. Their experiences are not invalid and they have the right to express themselves, but can’t we be a little more polite about someone else’s home?

As a student at Centre, I have criticized Danville harshly many times. But after some introspective reflection, I feel an obligation to point out how rude I have been when there was no need to be. It is possible to address some of the drawbacks you experience living in a smaller town, especially if you come from somewhere bigger, without demeaning the inherent value of a place.

Danville native and Centre senior Sydney Mullins loves the town she grew up in. “I think Danville is a really unique town which exists smack dab in the middle of places which exemplify why Kentucky sometimes gets a bad rep. Danville, really and truly, has a lot going for it…I am a history major, and a lot of my love for Danville stems from Danville’s incredibly unique past and how that past has influenced the present.” Sydney appreciates Danville so much that, when questioned about what she likes in Danville, she gave a detailed account of exact points in Danville’s history that exemplify its value.

We can’t talk about Danville without also talking about the term Centre students use to refer to the residents of Danville. The term “townies” can hold negative and positive connotations. Sometimes students who are from Danville use it to refer to themselves. But sometimes, Centre students use “townie” in a derogatory way. No one directly says it but it is often implied that “townie” means a person of a lower socioeconomic status; though if someone was asked what they meant when they say “townie,” they would likely deny it. This atmosphere is not unique to Danville, but it is important because we, as students of Centre, live in Danville for almost eight months of the year.

As Centre students, it should not be a far fetched idea to become aware of our own behavior and try to correct our misconceptions of Danville and its residents. To address the first complaint that everyone makes about Danville, here is a list of things that students can do in Danville.

10 Things to Do in Danville:

1) Dance classes free for Centre students at Kitty Baird Center.

2) Bowlarama Lanes for some fun bowling.

3) Windjammer Fun Center for roller skating, laser tag, or an arcade.

4) Check out Plank on Main for smoothie bowls.

5) The Boyle County Public Library has great study rooms and it’s within walking distance of campus.

6) The Community Arts Centre offers art classed 50% off for Centre students and ballroom dance lessons for $5.

7) The Great American Dollhouse Museum, $7.95 entrance fee but if you haven’t gone yet don’t knock it till you try it!

8) Enjoy a picnic at Millenium Park.

9) See a movie at Danville Cinemas 8.

10) Check out the TJ Maxx for a surprisingly great selection.