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Candidate for President


“Finishing up Junior year, I have had the opportunity to look back on my last three years at Centre and really take stock of what has been important to me. SGA definitely sits at the top of that list. I am currently the only candidate running for president who has served on SGA every semester they have been at Centre and I have had the pleasure of experiencing many different aspects of this organization.”

Read the rest of Hunt’s political platform HERE


Candidate for President

Gray Whitsett is running together with Ross Larson

“I came into Centre College with the goal of serving on SGA. I was elected my first year, and went on to serve as the Campus Improvement Chair as a sophomore. I was able to accomplish a lot that year – beginning the communal umbrella program, expanding the rentable chargers in the library, renovating the sand volleyball court behind Cheek-Evans. We did good work.”

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Candidate for President of the Senate


“Hey, Centre! My name is Kaitlin Parrish and I’m running for President of the Senate. I have been a member of the Senate and SGA for the past year, and I’m also involved in Investment Society, Centre Ambassadors, and Alpha Delta Pi, where I previously held an executive officer position. Talking to many of our peers has called to my attention the need for SGA to be more transparent to the student body, and the Senate is no exception.”

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Candidate for Speaker of the House

Ross Larson is running together with Gray Whitsett 

“I enjoy working to better this campus. I was elected to SGA in my second year, and went on to serve on the dining services committee and the finance committee. The opportunity to serve on both of these committees gave me unique access to SGA leadership and a greater insight into how the Student Government functions. I gained valuable experience and learned what does and does not work.”

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Candidate for Speaker of the House


“My name is Henry Nguyen, and I’m a candidate for SGA Speaker of the House. I know that there is always room for improvement when it comes to any student organization here at Centre College, and the student government is no exception. My platform focuses on 3 main areas – creating an inclusive environment for student government, steering SGA towards meaningful results, and my passion for student governance.”

Read the rest of Henry’s political platform HERE

Candidate for Speaker of the House


“Cheers from London! My name is Bryce Rowland, a member of the Class of 2017! During my time at Centre, I have had the fortune of serving on SGA as a representative for my class during every semester that I have been present on campus. As an SGA representative, I have actively engaged in each of the General Sessions, presenting alternative ways of thinking during discussions while attempting to clarify issues for both the assembled body and the student body.”

Read the rest of Bryce’s political platform HERE


Candidate for President of SAC


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