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Dear Centre Students,

I am Sarah Hutchinson, and I am incredibly excited and humbled to be a candidate to serve as your next SGA President. Centre College is an amazing place, truly unlike any other institution in the country, or in the world. It would be a tremendous honor to represent the Centre College Community. I believe in Centre, I love Centre, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to lead Centre on a new journey.

Sarah for CENTRE is a campaign that puts the utmost importance on the needs, security, and safety of all students. I have spent the last three years as an active member of SGA, two of those years serving on the Executive Council as a committee chairperson. Even though I have been involved in many organizations on campus, SGA has always been my top priority. It has been a great blessing to develop relationships with the students, faculty, staff, and administration and to become invested in making positive impacts on the Centre Community.

In three short years, I have worked with my committees to implement the Student Discount Card program and expand the computer and phone charger renting system in the library and campus center. I have implemented Green programs at Centre by increasing the number of water bottle filling stations on campus, providing recycling bins to the first year dormitories, and the upcoming motion sensor lighting in three dormitories. I have made campus more beautiful and comfortable with the addition of benches, Adirondack chairs, shrubbery, the gazebo, and the revitalization of the Sinking Spring. Through these experiences, Centre has shaped me into the leader I am today, one who is passionate about Centre College and desires to give back by serving as SGA President. Sarah for CENTRE stems from three important issues I will address as president: 1) Campus Safety and Security 2) Recycling and Sustainability and 3) Reenergizing, Reaching Out, and Reorganizing. I will address these issues with the following plan:

Sarah for CENTRE

C- Campus Safety and Security

          It is important to me that everyone feels safe and secure on campus, and it is because of this belief that I am running for SGA President. Centre has worked to increase on and off campus safety and security, however, there is still progress to be made. If I am elected, I will diligently work to increase security measures, develop prevention and education programs, and increase awareness of crime on campus.


E- Ensure Excellence for Everyone         

          I will strive to create a culture in which everyone’s opinion is valued and represented, and everyone on our campus has the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential. I plan to reach out to the whole Centre Community and make sure everyone has the opportunity to be heard and represented, making SGA a more diverse and inclusive environment.


N- Neighborhood Beautification on Campus

           With the help of the facilities team, I have already contributed to the beautification of Centre. Centre is our home for four years; therefore it is important that our surroundings are nurturing, positive, and aesthetically pleasing. I want students to be able to take care of and take pride in our campus.


T- Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability

          SGA is representative of the whole student body; the students have the right to know who is representing them, what these people are doing, and know they are accountable. I plan to lead a team that accomplishes all of these goals. I believe these qualities are the essential building blocks of any leader’s success. It is my dedication to these principles that will allow me to serve as President of SGA.


R- Recycling and Sustainability

I have made a significant impact by expanding the recycling program, adding new water bottle filling stations, and implementing the motion sensor lights into the halls of dormitories. Because of the importance of this issue, once elected, I plan to create a new SGA position, “Recycling and Sustainability Chairperson” completely dedicated to continuing the work I have started and collaborating with other groups on campus to create a more environmentally friendly and green Centre College.


E-Enhance the Centre Experience

          It is stated in the SGA mission statement, “The purpose of SGA is to enhance the quality of life for all students”. One of the ways I will fulfill this mission is by collaborating with SAC to bring more positive, relevant, and mainstream speakers and performances to campus to enrich the Centre experience. I also want to create an atmosphere where students will feel comfortable bringing their initiatives to SGA and feel like they will be supported and heard.


It is essential to elect an SGA President who has a proven track record of getting things done. One who cares for and includes each and every student. One who is committed to serving you and improving campus. I believe my SGA record reflects all of these principles and that I am best person to serve as SGA President. I respectfully ask for your vote!


Thank you and Go Colonels!

Sarah Hutchinson

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