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My name is Michael Greathouse and I’ve been a member of Centre’s Student Activities Council for three years. Most recently I have served on the executive board as treasurer, which gives me a deep understanding of its budgets, goals, and opportunities that an organization this size commands.

Relationship with SAC

SAC’s relationship with SGA is nuanced, primarily because SGA has little say or ability to regulate the SAC budget or operations. The budget and allocation rules are uniquely applied to SAC in which our advisors play a large role in our budgeting. Our oversight does not lie with SGA, but within the SLO. If we are going to be a true student run organization, we need student oversight from SGA. Today, we are a student organization only in appearance, and answer primarily to staff members. I want to change this.

Freedom to Consume:

No one comes to college only to drink, but drinking is undeniably an aspect of our social scene. Currently, it is understood that alcohol isn’t allowed at SAC events, which excludes a large portion of campus from attending our events. I want SAC to be open to all students. I promise to explore third party vendors, which can be present at events to provide beverages to students of age at a subsidized cost. I will work with other colleges to see how they successfully implement third party vendors.

Series of Smaller Concerts and Student Performances:

One of my main goals for the upcoming year in SAC is to create a series of smaller concerts and performances on the weekend evenings that would take advantage of the time between dinner and fraternity parties. I hope that students will find that lesser known performers have a lot to offer. I want to utilize a greater variety of venues as well, including the HUB, other local restaurants, and many campus locales. Additionally, I hope this will provide an outlet for some of our talented students to perform on campus.

Working with other Student Organizations:

As many of you are aware SAC has a significant budget. I would love to work with other organizations to help generate smaller events. At the beginning of the year I intend to reach out to other student leaders and help bring student passions forward, generating collaborative events.

Student Involvement in Carnival:

Carnival is a big budget event, and therefore should have significant student input. This year, our only mechanism for student polling was an email survey. I will work to solicit more student opinions through Cowan tables, surveys, informal meetings and other means. We are a student organization designed to entertain students, and to succeed in that goal we have to know what people want.

Restructuring the Organization:

SAC is broken down into four categories on our exec board. Two of which encompass 80% of our events in movies, carnival, and other small events. The other two comprise our athletic support and giveaways. It’s problematic to have half of the organization working on giveaways and school spirit programs because the division of labor is unfair. It leaves some executive members overwhelmed and others with little to do. A revision of the constitution that results in the organization’s exec team being restructured would greatly increase efficiency make it far easier for SAC to effectively serve the student body.

I’m well qualified and care deeply about this organization, which is why I ask that you vote for Greathouse this Thursday.


Thank you for reading.


Michael Greathouse

Centre College ‘17



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