Mason Paas Platform

When I chose to run for President of the Student Senate, I wanted to emphasize one thing more than any other during my time in the position: communication.


What does that mean?

One big area that I would like to address is the navigation of academia at Centre. Majors and minors. Study habits. Scheduling classes. Gen eds. These are just a few of the topics that students have to make decisions about throughout their four years at Centre. Not only that, but there are also important tests (like the GRE) to take and grad schools to puzzle over. The big question is: how do you chisel your way through all of these things in a way that best serves your Centre Experience? My goal as President of the Student Senate would be to begin to answer that question in a manner for all to easily and readily see. I would want the wealth of knowledge from the upperclassman’s or graduate’s dictionary to become the first-year’s vocabulary.


How does it happen?

It starts with first-year orientation. I would like to put on events that divide students into prospective major. Upperclassmen from each major would present to students on the ins and outs of the major and experiences they have found helpful in it. I’d also love to have someone present briefly on the process of selecting a major. Perhaps even making this event seminar style with several time slots to attend different major presentations would be helpful. I would also like to do something similar for students in the spring of their junior year on a smaller scale. Presentations and Q&A on the GRE, the MCAT, grad school, and even doctorate school from recent alums or seniors would be helpful. Finally, I would find ways to advertise and encourage an open line of communication between students and the Senate. I would ask students what changes they wanted to see in academics through surveys and personal relationships. Through these, information and ideas would become action more quickly and problems would be solved.


In short, as President of the Senate, the main thrust of my work would be the work of communication: I would foster more important conversations, leading to action and a better academic experience for all.

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