Alex Chumbley Platform

Hey everyone! I’m so incredibly excited about the opportunity to serve you all as SGA President. It is only fitting to present my platforms like Dr. Roush does, in three distinct points:

Community-oriented campus:

Next year, I will help to promote a more community-oriented culture at Centre. Though many may feel like they are already at home here at Centre, I know not everyone does. At times, people can act in disrespectful ways not only towards one another, but also towards our campus. I’ve talked to a handful of staff members on campus such as Kendrick Durham, Chelsea Shields, Jacob Raderer, and Dean Hays about the culture of respect on campus. I have a variety of ideas about ways to go about this, but the main one is revitalizing the civility pledge. I feel like if this pledge is better adopted throughout campus, a lot of these problems will be resolved. Ultimately I want to help in creating a culture at Centre where students hold each other accountable. I know that students will find Centre a better place to live if our culture on campus is not only respectful of one other, but also respectful of the campus itself and its contents.


Next year, I will continue SGA’s efforts to work with college committees to continue the sustainability movement on campus. There’s a lot of administration work that handles such issues and it is a kind of complex situation, but I am eager and ready to get SGA involved in helping for this upcoming year. I’ve met with numerous CEA (Centre Environmentalist Association) members in the past few weeks and we have talked about a plethora of ways to make Centre more environmentally friendly. These include everything from getting hand dryers in bathrooms to better insulating some of the energy inefficient buildings on campus, such as JVAC. As your SGA President, I will work to take on many of these projects and see them through to the end, so that Centre can be as green of a campus as possible.


Next year, I will work with Sarah Scott Hall to promote the growing leadership opportunities on campus. The mission statement of Centre College is to prepare students for lives of “learning, leadership and service.” Of these three pillars, leadership is the only area that has lacked administrative attention in the past. That has changed now thanks to Sarah, and I plan to help her out and use SGA’s funding to put on leadership development events chosen by students. This could come in the form of convocations, workshops, or anything in between. I think Centre does a great job of organically cultivating leadership skills in students and any type of improvement in this area would bolster campus life exponentially.

I’m so very honored to have the opportunity to serve you as your next SGA President. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform. I know the lives of Centre students can be very busy, so I greatly appreciate it. The common goal of my platform is to support you, the students of Centre College. I have every intention of making a positive and lasting impact next year, if I am elected. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to contact me, by email or in person. My email is I’d love to have your vote on March 17th & 18th.


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