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Founded in 1887, The Cento is the sole student newspaper for the Centre community. The newspaper recently became an online newspaper in 2015 and its content is drawn into The Buzz, USA Today’s College Section.

Each year we publish 10 issues and distribute them to fourteen on-campus locations. These papers reach around 1,400 students and  500 members of the faculty and staff, many of who live in the Danville area.

The Cento also has a strong subscription base with issues of the paper reaching over 150 Centre alumni, parents, and the entire Board of Trustees.


Advertising with us automatically connects you and your organization to the entire Centre College community.

-Reaches 1,381 Students

-Reaches 500 Faculty and Staff

-Sent to over 100 Alumni

-Sent to countless Centre Parents

-Sent to the entire Centre Board of Trustees

-Less expensive than other local publications

-As a courtesy to you, ads will automatically appear in our ENews for the entire Centre community.


 1. Quarter Page (Black and White)
Our Most popular ad! These ads are available on pages 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9. The first quarter page ad in black and white comes with a free online ad. $100

2. Quarter Page (Color)
Our color ads are available on pages 1, 3, 6, 7, and 10. The extra charge ensures your ad is in our most read sections and on the most read pages. $150.

3. Online 
With our new website, you have the chance to reach our online audience. $50

4. Design Services
Aren’t sure how to make an ad? Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to create one! $50 (One-time fee).


If you would like your ad to appear in a particular section of the Cento just let us know! We will try and work with you to accomplish this wish.

News (Pages 1-2, Color on 1)

Opinions (Pages 3-4, Color on 3)

Features (Pages 5-6, Color on 6)

Arts & Leisure (Pages 7-8, Color on 7)

Sports (Pages 9-10, Color on 10)



The Cento publishes 10 issues a year. The following dates show the publication days for the 2014-2015 Cento.

1. September 18

2. October 2

3. October 15

4. November 6

5. November 20

6. January 22

7. February 19

8. March 5

9. March 19

10. April 23



If you have any further questions about advertisements, feel free to contact our Business Managers.

Michael Greathouse and Ross Larson


Download a copy of our brochure here.