Hello all Centre Students,

With a year of experience on the Student Senate, I believe that I am in a unique position to further contribute to the efforts that we have begun this year. A cornerstone of my position as President is fostering a long-term mind-set for the Student Senate and facilitating a space that allows for larger undertakings in service to more holistic change within Centre’s academic sphere. I aspire to continue working with my predecessor on our goal of self-scheduled exams through the end of this year and spearheading this project in the coming semesters. In working closely with current Senate President Noah Martin, I feel that we are in a position to move this great idea into a phase of concrete change within the coming year. We’ve made progress this year in examining our civility pledge, and through this progress, I feel that we are prepared to make the changes necessary to create an optimal environment for accentuating the reforms needed regarding academic honesty on our campus. This optimal environment is where our campus can prepare for a transition between our current exam model and self-scheduled model. Finally, I aim to continue exploring ways in which Student Senate can highlight the academic caliber of our faculty and students both on campus and in the Danville community at large through the Literacy Gala, Professor Symposium, and other events.

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