Hey, Colonels! My name is Grace Bertram and I am excited to announce my candidacy for SGA Speaker of House! My time as Speaker would begin my 5th term being an SGA representative, as I’ve served every semester I’ve been on campus. In this time, I have served on the Dining Services Committee and on the Executive Council as Secretary of Administration. As Speaker of the House I will act as a liaison between students and the SGA body, enforce decorum during general session meetings, and use my experience to ensure productivity, intentionality and effectiveness. On the Dining Services committee, I worked diligently to act as an intermediary between the Sodexo Administration and the student body. This included taking suggestions daily for Cowan improvements and planning special food events to create the best experience for students. As Secretary of Administration, my duties have included maintaining active participation from the representative body through service and attendance. I am planning a Clean Up Camp Horsin’ Around service event to be held on April 28th to fulfill my Secretary campaign promise of providing service opportunities to the student and SGA body.

Next year, I hope to instill the following platforms that I believe are paramount to the overall effectiveness of SGA:

Diversity. SGA has worked diligently in the past year to promote diversity and inclusion both on campus and in how representatives reflect the actual student population. However, our work is not finished – SGA is a long way from where it needs to be. In my current role as Secretary, I have been able to take a central role in the installment of Amendment Unity through my reaching out to the correspondent groups and establishing their ballots. As Speaker, I will dedicate my time to ensuring the smooth transition of these newly elected representatives into the SGA voting body and will impel the imperative measures to edit current diversity amendments to best fit the fundamental needs of our growing student body. My connections with various organizations on campus and willingness to meet new people make me an ideal candidate to effectuate this platform.

Accessibility and Communication. SGA should be a governing body, yet easily accessible to all students on campus. As Speaker of the House I would make myself, as well as the executive council, readily available and at the disposal of the student body and representatives at all times. Acting as a liaison between the administration and students is a role I would fulfill through intentional communication and transparency in representative ongoinings. I will facilitate active dialogues on issues pertinent to the performance and productiveness of SGA meeting the needs of the student body.

Passion. SGA has always been my priority. I am exceptionally dedicated to my roles on SGA,  but more importantly, I am excited about my part in them. I am passionate about people, about student government, about leadership, and most importantly – about Centre. It is my enthusiastic  passion that makes me the best candidate for Speaker. With this passion comes effort – I do everything within my power to give SGA center attention, making me available, willing and capable to adapt to what the student body need as at a given time. This is a platform unique to me and a platform of promise. I will promote harmony within the body and illicit a contagious excitement for making Centre a better place.

Centre, I am running for Speaker of the House because I care about our school and the well being of its population. I believe I am the best candidate for this position because of my experience, dedication, and love for SGA and Centre Dear. If you have any questions regarding my platforms or have suggestions for SGA in general, feel free to shoot me an email at grace.bertram@centre.edu. I hope that if my platforms and ideals align with your vision of a better Centre, both for our current experiences and for those that come after us, you will consider voting for me in the election on the 14th and 15th. Roll Colonels!

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