Many Americans seem to have lost the satisfaction of eating something straight from the earth. The near vicinity of Danville offers a wide selection of food, that, while maybe tasty, is a gross abstraction to what a purist defines as “food.” Commercial fast food, Cowan, and even most respected restaurants serve foods that have been massively processed, infused with artificial preservatives, and injected with artificial growth hormones.

Well, fortunately, there is a place where you can enjoy the fruit of the earth untouched by anything but nature itself and perhaps a few honest farmers.

Marksbury Farm is geographically located 10 miles from Centre in Lancaster, KY. However, it is renowned across the state for the quality of its meat. You can find meat from Marksbury at restaurants that serve locally-sourced protein; one example is the Bluebird in Stanford, KY.

Marksbury also has a restaurant which is the real point of interest for a Centre student. It is located inside a decorated barn which serves as their iconic storefront. The interior has a meticulous cleanliness that reinforces confidence in the cleanliness of their other facilities.

They only serve lunch and the menu is elementary, but reputable. The average meal consists of a sandwich and a side dish. Their classic burger, dressed with home-grown vegetables, is refreshingly simple. They offer add-ons like bacon and cheese if desired. Their other sandwiches offer interesting takes on some staple flavor combinations like the “smoked bologna reuben” or the “chorizo burger.”

The side dishes are nice compliments. Particularly popular is their mac and cheese made with mini shells and a natural white cheese sauce. Because of the small size of their menu, specials are rotated around often. Recently, french fries have been an option. As a fry critic, I appreciate a well cooked potato. Marksbury’s fries scored high marks, but they overdid it a bit on the seasoning.

Additionally, there is a decent beverage selection including their own milk and homemade baked goods that perfectly top off a meal.

First-year Matthew “KoKo” Ko commented on his experiences with Marksbury

“This is what the beauty of Kentucky tastes like.” said Ko

I personally have a bias towards organic foods. There is something about food being healthy that makes it taste better. A reversal of the guilt that comes with calorie rich fast food. Beyond this there is a connection that is formed with the earth that goes above flavor, a courtship with mother nature free of artificiality.

One downside is you will pay more than the average cost of a burger because of the quality of the ingredients. So you will need to find alternative fresh dining solutions most of the time, but I encourage you to try out Marksbury. It is a wonderful example of people who truly care about what we eat.

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