Jason Pinto continues his exploration and review of the hidden culinary gems Danville, KY, and the surrounding area have to offer.      

‘Plank on Main’, is a progressive new coffee and juice bar and is bringing healthy options and quality refreshments to Danville. Located across from The Hub, ‘Plank’ opened on June 1st, 2016 and is constantly expanding its menu and yoga studio.

Currently, Plank offers snacks, cold-pressed juice blends, smoothies, and coffee and espresso beverages. All items are vegan and gluten-free.

I stopped by with Brennen Amonett on a Thursday afternoon to grab some coffee and sample some of their most popular offerings.

We stepped inside and the first thing I noticed was the eclectic decor. The interior is sharp, clean, and reminiscent of an upscale coffee shop in a larger city. The chairs feature nice upholstery, and the bar has a granite counter with contrasting wood accents. Impeccable style.

Elayna Weber, Plank’s owner, greeted us and introduced us to the menu.

I ordered a coffee, a latte, and the most popular juice and smoothie. Brennan got a pressed juice named “Green-Eyed Girl.”

The juices are cold-pressed which means they are produced by a hydraulic press and are said to taste fresher and contain more nutrients. I ordered “The Plank” which was a blend of orange, carrot, and turmeric. Sipping on the tiny glass of bright orange juice made me feel even more metro and health conscious, but I did not think the flavor justified the price and limited quantity. Brennen seemed less satisfied with his order which was a mixture of cucumber, apple, kale, celery, ginger and lemon.

The smoothie I ordered was the house blend which was a mixture of berries. This is probably the freshest, healthiest smoothie you can find. It was all fruit and not overly sweetened.

The reason I will definitely be coming back to Plank was their coffee, which is from the local roaster Dry Stack. The cup I had was dark, with a nice froth on top. The flavor was consistent, rich, and supremely delicious; it was by far the best coffee I have had in Danville, and I could not believe I have never heard of their roaster.

The latte was equally elegant and made with organic whole milk. The initial sip is creamy and then the back end hit me with the deep, toasty espresso flavor.

I was interested in trying a glass of cold brew, but at this point I was on my fifth cup of coffee so I made the decision to resist until my next visit.

I talked to to Eleyna about the traffic of Centre students in Plank and she responded, “Where are all the Centre Students? I want to see more Centre students! This is a great place to study and have a cup of coffee!”

I could not agree more. Plank on Main even opens at 6:30 a.m., for those students who like to get working early.

Interestingly, Plank is also a yoga studio and offers bar classes, motor pilates, and are soon opening a spin studio. Plank is also working on setting up a kitchen so they can begin serving lunch entrees.

Brennen summarized Plank with the statement, “Plank’s smooth, modern aesthetic combined with its earthy refreshments is a fresh escape from the typical Danville variety.”

I give Plank my full recommendation, 5 out of 5. I appreciate what Plank is doing, supporting a healthy lifestyle and serving fresh, local products. Definitely go for the coffee, it is competitive with any metropolitan coffee shop.

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