Earlier this year, Danville welcomed a new addition to the restaurant community that has Centre students rejoicing—The Danville Bistro. Not only is the Bistro within walking distance of campus but it fills the void of a Chipotle-style eatery the city was lacking, with a touch of local flare.

The Bistro has already been inundated with Centre students seeking an affordable and convenient change of pace from the on-campus meal options; located behind Greek Row on Perryville Street, the Bistro provides accessible and delicious food without putting too much of a time constraint on the hectic schedules that come with college life.

“We’re really fortunate at the Beta house to have the Bistro so close; it’s nice to have a good place to eat that’s close without having to walk to Cowan,” sophomore Cole Alsip said.

Sophomore Lourdes “Lulu” Peredo opened the restaurant with her family after closing their other restaurant, Los Amigos, due to issues with parking and lack of space.

“My dad wanted to do a Southern breakfast kind of restaurant, but students have a hard time just getting up for Cowan breakfast, so I suggested the Chipotle-style Mexican restaurant, which I thought would appeal more to college kids.” Peredo said.

Photographer: Judi Zhang

Photographer: Judi Zhang

Peredo is a full-time student at Centre in addition to working at the Danville Bistro. Most of her responsibilities include paying the employees and keeping up with their hours, as well as translating for her parents. Her father was in the restaurant business in Mexico, so he brings the knowledge to run the Bistro and Lulu helps with communication.

“It’s a busy life going to school and working at the restaurant, but it’s been really rewarding. My time management has gotten so much better and it’s been a great experience getting to meet and talk to people there that I otherwise would never have encountered,” Peredo said.

Centre students may have more to look forward to from the Bistro, as Peredo and family are currently looking into adding a patio to the restaurant with more outdoor seating. This would also enable the restaurant to obtain a liquor license, which is an exciting prospect for many seniors.

The Danville Bistro is an awesome place to take a study break, eat with friends, and support a local business. Next time there’s a shortage of swipes or flex dollars, the Bistro is the place to go.

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