This year, Parsons is undergoing an expansion of its office space. This is due to several reasons, primarily the addition of a third counselor and the desire for a more accessible entrance. There will be three new counseling offices added to the front of Parsons. Currently the third counseling office is separated from the others and according to Ann Goodwin, Director of Counseling at Parsons, it is, “not in an ideal space in regards to privacy.”

Benefits derived from this expansion include a vacated office that will be used for collaboration, student workshops, and group therapy.

“Centre College Counseling Services has recently begun several new workshops focused on anxiety, friendships, and returning from study abroad,” Goodwin said.

All students, she continued, are encouraged to take part in these workshops, which will hopefully allow students to experience “additional mental and emotional wellness support.”

This expansion will also contribute to the privacy and confidentiality of patients. Currently, the counseling offices are located directly underneath the basketball gym, which can create loud and distracting noises during meetings.

Photographer: Judi Zhang

Photographer: Judi Zhang

“Some of the noise at Parsons is intentionally initiated by our staff and meant to protect patient confidentiality, like having white noise machines placed outside the exam rooms and music playing in the lobby,” Director of Parsons Student Health Center Kathy Jones said.

Some of the exam rooms are close to the old racquetball courts, which are still in use.

“Vibrations are sometimes strong enough to cause décor to fall off of the wall,” Jones said.

Overall, this expansion will provide a better experience for the students by creating a peaceful and accessible space. It will also aid the staff in their organization and utilization of space.

“We are extremely grateful to the college for investing in this expansion,” Jones said.

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