Men’s Lacrosse has been a huge force since the program started, collecting two conference titles and having two NCAA tournament appearances to their name. This spring, they expect no less.

“Our expectation is that we go out and win a conference championship and earn a birth to the NCAA tournament,” senior and team captain Matt Hughes said.

With three wins and only one loss at the start of the season, it’s safe to say they’re on the right track.

So far, there has been a learning curve in the games they have played so far.

“We are more or less still finding out who our team is,” said Senior Captain, Phil Havira.

Though it takes a bit of time, the team as a whole has a similar outlook.

“The team is really tight knit this year and we all have the same goals in sight,” said Hughes.

As for the rest of the season, “all the team is focusing on is improvement day in and day out. If we do that we feel we can attain our goals,” said Havira.

Home games this season are few and far between, but if the beginning of the season is any indication, their fan base is as strong as ever. The first home game against Calvin on Feb. 20 had a very large student turnout.

“The game against Calvin was awesome because we had such a huge crowd, we thrive on that sort of support so we hope the students can keep it up,” said Hughes.

Centre won the game against Calvin twenty to five, with six goals by senior Joey Lencewicz.

With the next three games at home, Colonels fans should be sure to get out there and support CML!

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