Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Though extremely inconsistent, but for the most part it is just plain freezing. Students transition from one class to another much faster than they used to back when the trees were still covered in leaves. The library is a bit emptier than usual because many choose to avoid the cold trek across campus as much as possible.

If you are wondering why you haven’t seen your friends around, it is most likely because they have replaced you with Netflix, hot chocolate, blankets, and their dorm heater.

However, despite all the struggles of keeping warm, Orange Leaf’s frozen yogurt is still very much in demand.

The strangely common craving of cold treats in cold weather, especially among insatiably hungry college students, is a phenomenon that encourages this colorful student hotspot to stay open during the winter season. Orange Leaf has cut back on a few hours of operation, but are nonetheless still up-and-running.

Seasonal depression can factor in on the regular fro-yo runs, since people often choose to “eat away their feelings” when stressed.

“I definitely find myself feeling much more stressed, groggy, and mellow during the colder month,” first-year Molly Holder said. “Quite often I will look for comfort in sugary foods, and frozen yogurt is always at the top of that list.”

There is an evident lack of motivation for students to head to the gym and work out during the winter. Top that off with all the unhealthy cravings during this time of year, and you have got a recipe for disaster.

Instead of reaching for that pint of Ben and Jerry’s, consider indulging on a cup of fro-yo for a slightly healthier alternative.

Orange Leaf brought out some seasonal flavors this winter, such as White Chocolate Raspberry made with Ghirardelli chocolate as well as their newest edition of York Peppermint Patty.

Their 36 options of toppings give customers an abundance of freedom to create a concoction that can satisfy any palate.

“York Peppermint Patties are among my all-time favorite types of chocolate, so naturally I loved this edition to Orange Leaf,” first-year Katherine Eschels said.

For sophomore Jessie Massey, the combination of this flavor with other chocolate toppings is a must-have.

“This flavor went perfectly well with crushed Oreos, brownie bites, and of course a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup,” Massey said. “I’m pretty basic, so even though I enjoy sampling the new flavors, I always go for the classic vanilla with lots of fruit to top it off.”

Many frozen yogurt shops release limited-edition flavors around this time of the year, such as the York Peppermint Patty flavor and last year’s salted caramel yogurt, to remind their summer customers that personalizing their own icy dish is fun and delicious, no matter the temperature.

Conveniently, this shop is so close that it is practically located on campus. Many students try to avoid eating off-campus so as not to break the bank, but luckily Orange Leaf is currently promoting its winter special.

Customers can fill up their cups with as much yogurt as they want for four dollars and add their choice of toppings for one more dollar.

Between the winter special and the convenient location, junior Tamin Calloway opts for a swirl of frozen yogurt despite the cold weather of the winter months.

“No matter what time of year it is, I tend to always crave frozen yogurt. Since I live in Ruby Cheek, Orange Leaf is closer to me than Cowan. It is only logical to eat wherever is closest, especially since the dreary weather overwhelms me with fatigue,” Calloway said. “Cold dessert is an especially great accompaniment for the late night study sessions that occur way too frequently these days.”

Just because it is chilly outside does not mean it is necessary to sacrifice a classic and favorite cold dessert this winter.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive bonding activity with friends, need a little pick-me-up to suppress your cold-weather blues, or are just in the mood for a sugary treat, you can always take a couple steps off of campus to Orange Leaf.

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