Are you tired of the same shopping options in the Danville area? Would you like a greater variety when shopping for clothes without having to drive to Lexington? Check out Vestiary, the newest boutique in downtown Danville.

The store opened July 16 under the ownership of Lexington native Cassie Baeker.

My husband grew up here [in Danville], and works around here. He wanted to buy a house here because real estate is cheaper, and I always wanted to own a clothing boutique, and the opportunity is right. There is a lot of competition in Lexington. We noticed this building was for sale and the price was right so we went for it,” Baeker said.

Previous to opening up her boutique, she worked in real estate which Baeker cites as “so very different.”

Vestiary is located on 126 S. Fourth St., right next to Los Tacos Amigos and Jane Barleycorn’s. It is an open and spacious place with a wide selection of clothing on racks lining the walls.

The store’s name has Latin origins from “vestiarium” and Old French and English roots, directly reanslating to mean “a room or building in a large establishment in which clothes are kept.”

Vestiary caters toward younger women, but with tastes that appeal to women of every age group in their wide variety of products. The store is currently in the process of expanding, possibly to include men’s styles within the near future.

The [clothing] style I am going for here is young adult/contemporary. When I go to market in Atlanta, I focus on texture and make sure everything is good quality. I love fashion and read fashion blogs. I try to bring elements of Fashion Week and the trends of the season here, but for less. I also try to discover new brands. I’m going for affordable and fashionable,” Baeker said.

Vestiary hopes to provide fashionable clothing options for young women in the Danville area. Their apparel includes anything from dresses and skirts to jewelry, accessories, shoes, and more

Vestiary hopes to provide fashionable clothing options for young women in the Danville area. Their apparel includes anything from dresses and skirts to jewelry, accessories, shoes, and more

The clothing selection ranges from nice dresses to sweaters to jackets to t-shirts to flip-flops to an assortment of jewelry. The brands that Vestiary sells include Ark & Co., C. Luce, Champagne & Strawberry, Hatley, Havaianas, Jealous Tomato, Kentucky for Kentucky, Luna, THML, and Ya Los Angeles. The stock also includes Kentucky for Kentucky clothing to ecelbrate their local conections.

My market is Centre students and high school students. I also get a lot of young moms in here, and older women as well. It’s very diverse,” Baeker said.

Centre students who have visted the store have been very satisfied with the selection and atmosphere. Some have become frequent shoppers and several have been to the store for purchases ranging from casual wear to formal dresses.

I was living on campus this summer when it first opened and am a frequent customer,” senior Olivia Leftwich said. “They have a wide selection, from big comfy tops to formal dresses and accessories. Great clothes to either dress up or dress down.”

So far business is booming as more learn about the great new downtown shopping addition.

I would love to expand more and more. People have told me they want more shoes, but I want to focus on clothing first and go from there. I’m not sure what will happen,” Baeker said.

The clothing is stylish for sure. Centre women are likely to find at least one item that interests them. This reviewer found several she liked.

There is also a table full of a broad range of affordable jewelry, some sales racks in the back and a few shoes. The clothing is definitely of the good quality that Baeker boasts.

Its a great store to have on a collge campus. Their prices are affordable for college girls and the quality of the clothes is great,” Leftwich said. “I love this store and find myself buying something every time I go in. I’m never disappointed.”

The store has run promotions for the community as its becomes more established. On Election Day, Vestiray offered ten percent off for anyone who came in wearing an “I voted” sticker.

Vestiary also offered specials during Centre’s Homecoming wekeends and Halloween candy to shoppers as a personal touch and examples of their community connection.

Vestiary participates in Shop Second Saturdays sponsored by the Heart of Danville and the Danville Cultural District Present. The event encourages local shopping with the rewards of earning Downtown Dollars.

The store posts new additions to their stock on their Facebook pages as well as information on special promotions or discounts. Check out the page and their website for more iformation and updates.

It is open on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is closed on Sundays.

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