At Centre, we are all aware that there are some unofficial rules that exist on campus that seem quite ridiculous to any other college student. Many might find it absurd that we make a point not to step on the Centre Seal, for example.

These unofficial rules might be second-nature for the upperclassmen, but first-years are still learning what makes Centre so special. Although there are many such rules, we can break down three of them and help the Centre Community create the much-needed peace to focus on the real problems (like tomorrow’s test).

1. Cowan Table Names

The front tables are used for dates with significant others, affectionately called “date tables” by students. Along the side, the high tables also known as “Observation Stations,” offer views of all you need to see in Cowan, while keeping conversation between friends. The outside eating space lets you have relaxed conversation without the usual babble of Cowan behind you. The round tables seem to be another mess altogether, reserved for large friend groups, fraternities, and sports teams.

2. The Walk Sign Is Still On

If there is only one car coming down Main Street, then there is no need to press the button and change the light,” junior Mary Marston said. “It is just a courteous gesture to wait for the one lone car to pass instead of stopping it for you to walk by.” It can also be said that the less you can hear the phrase, “Walk Sign is On,” the better.

3. Courtesy Space

From finding a place to sit in the library a respectful distance away from another in spaces such as a cluster ofcouches or table. Give each other space in such defined areas helps students from feeling crowded and leaves open opportunities for friend group to join one another later on. sure

4. Using the Toaster and Microwave

Do not change the setting on the toaster in Cowan until the bagel before yours is out. Be respectful of when you leave your dish in the microwave. Stand close by so that you can be ready to remove it when the timer goes off so the next person can put theirs in.

5. Laundry

a. Empty your pockets before putting your clothes in the washer and dryer. Any food reside you may have left will affect the next person’s wash cycle.

b. Make sure to double check the dryer for all of your items. Finding another person’s underwear in the dryer with your clothes is an uncomfortable situation.

c. Be mindful of when your clothes will be finished. It creates an awkward dilemma for the person who next needs the machine when your clothes are finished and they are under a time crunch to start their next cycle.

6. Shortcuts

a. To stay warm when walking from the academic buildings or Sutcliffe to North campus , students walk through the Campus Center for some relief. It also is a great way to stop and chat to friends who are working in there.

b. If the walk to Greek Row seems too long and too cold, another great shortcut to stay warm is walking straight through Breck and out the other side.

The best, and yet the most unused, shortcut that exists for Centre students is the elevator in Crounse.

By the time you are an upperclassmen, that walk to visit a professor just has too many steps.

I feel like most seniors use the elevator when going to the fourth floor. I mean, I sometimes use it to go to the third floor,” senior Klea Xoxi said. “But it’s something you definitely don’t do at first until you learn the rules to make life easier.”

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