Comic books have reclaimed prominence as a staple of American culture. While comics were initially marketed toward children, they have proven themselves over the past few decades to be a medium for well crafted, critically acclaimed stories the likes of which have revolutionized storytelling in a way that has left an inarguable impact on popular culture.

In addition, comic books have formed the basis for dozens of movies, from the Richard Donner’s iconic Superman films to Christopher Nolan’s gritty, epic Dark Knight Trilogy.

They have even begun impacting television, with shows like Arrow, Flash, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. carving out devoted fan bases for themselves.

The locally owned Comic Cosmos has been massively successful in bringing the wonder of comic books to Danville for the past eight years.

Comic Cosmos is Danville’s premiere comic book store and has much to offer.

Originally located on Hustonville Road, the store became so popular that they recently moved to a bigger location on 128 Church St. in order to be closer to the downtown area.

Business continues to grow and they are ready to cater to the growing demand for comic books, especially those of Centre students.

The dozens of shelves in the store are lined with rows of graphic novels, trade paperbacks which collect multiple story arcs into single books for easy reading, and hardcover editions that offer even more in the way of story.


Cosmic Cosmos has a diverse selection of comics from most publishing houses. This variety of options invites newcomers to the comics medium to sample the many different stories unique to this genre of literature.

There is also a backroom full of boxes of single-issue comic books so those looking to collect comics can fill up the holes in their collections or find rare comics that have been out of print for years.

The store even offers selections from every period in comic history: from the Golden Age of Comics of the 1940’s to the Modern Era Comics of the past 20 years and everything else in between.

When asked about the longevity of comic books, Comic Cosmos sales manager Scott Drury noted that, while television and movies are much more popular these days, there are certain unique characteristics about comic books that allow them to tell stories in a way that is difficult to emulate in other forms.

“I think that it [the comics medium] can really excel one’s imagination,” Drury said. “It gives creators the opportunity to interpret whatever they want in a million different ways and then lets the reader see the end result of that through the images they convey. It’s a good mind expander.”

The people who work at Comic Cosmos have an in depth knowledge of their field and are willing to help with any questions one might have about comics and deciding on which universes to read.

Unlike many big chain retailers, the staff truly believes in what they are selling and do their best to accommodate individual needs, especially newcomers.

Owner of Comic Cosmos David Tackett claims that getting into comics has never been easier than it has been right now and that the Comic Cosmos staff will always do their best to ensure the happiness of their customers.

However, it is important to note that the selection that Comic Cosmos has to offer is not only limited to superhero comics.

They also offer a massive collection of stories taken from a wide variety of different genres in order to appeal to an equally diverse audience

“There’s every genre you can think of,” Drury said. “From sci-fi, to fantasy to anti-hero stories, to things of post-apocalyptic natures … There are also some comics out there that are told from the villain’s point of view, when everybody else is the bad guy and he is the good guy (which is usually a solid read) … If you can conceive it, it is probably out there in comic book form. There’s always a story for anybody to read.”

In addition to selling comic books, Comic Cosmos also offers a selection of action figures, figurines, manga, movies, collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering, and tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

They also have a special room set up on the top floor of the building so that people who enjoy playing games can partake in special tournaments and try out games for free.

Comic Cosmos owner David Tackett states that the card games (particularly Magic the Gathering) are a critical part of the store, as they allow them to cater to a younger audience in a way that no other store in Danville really does.

“We love seeing a group come in after a stressful week at school and just letting go,” Tackett said. “We also offer a variety of snacks and drinks to keep you happy while playing.”

Comic Cosmos is a wonderful local comic book/game store that has a lot to offer anybody with even a passing interest in either comic books or games. It is a store that brings this unique medium to the spotlight in Danville.

The selections are great, the staff is friendly, and everything is organized in a way that makes finding things extremely easy.

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