The Student Government Association requires a summary of cases be published in The Cento at the beginning of each fall semester.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, the Student Judiciary heard three cases, one social and two academic.

The Student Judiciary hears cases throughout the year of misconduct on campus, and we faithfully serve our student body by standing for integrity and fair treatment of all students.

The current members of the Student Judiciary for the 2014-2015 academic year include: Jessica Cruzan (Chair), Monica Fitch (Secretary), David Newton, Sarah Cornett, Barrie Schmitt (seniors); John Coogan, Maggie Kaus, Sara Morency, Lucas Do, Maggie Heine (juniors); Alternates: Tyler Farquhar, John Wyatt (seniors); Daniel Graham, Jacob Trumbull (juniors).

Academic Cases:

There were two academic cases that came before the Student Judiciary in the previous academic year. Both cases involved academic dishonesty.

In the first case, the student was cited for academic dishonesty due to the similarity in structure and content to another student’s paper. This case not only examined academic dishonesty, but also plagiarism of another student’s work.

The Judiciary found the student responsible and recommended that the student receive a grade of zero on the assignment.

The Judiciary noted that the paper did not contain the proper citations, which alone could have resulted in a grade of unsatisfactory for plagiarism but the stronger penalty of a zero reflected the additional plagiarism of another student’s work.

In the second case, the student was cited for academic dishonesty due to similarity in structure to another student’s paper.

The Judiciary found this student responsible for academic dishonesty, but not for plagiarism since it was the student’s own work but the student provided the paper to a fellow classmate, allowing for plagiarism to occur.

The Judiciary recommended a reduction of one letter grade to the assigned paper. The student was also asked to read a book concerning ethics and personal integrity and write a four-page analysis discussing the book and any personal connections.

Social Cases:

One social case came before the Student Judiciary last year. The case involved a pattern of alcohol-related issues and disrespect to college officials. The student was cited for display of original container, failure to comply, and disrespect to a college official.

The Judiciary found the student responsible for these offenses, and due to previous offenses, recommended the following: alcohol prohibition and an apology letter written to college officials to apologize for past behavior and to request support with meeting the terms of alcohol prohibition.

The Student Judiciary would like to remind all students of the Civility Pledge that was introduced by the Student Government Association, which reads, “I promise to do my best, be my best, and respect the members and property of our Centre community.”

The pledge is meant to serve as a type of honor code for our College; it challenges students to live according to the high standards of the Centre community and encourages students to create a more positive environment for a life of learning, leadership, and service.

The Student Judiciary takes matters of academic dishonesty and social policy violation very seriously. We do this in an effort to maintain and promote the integrity and community we have here at Centre.

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