For many college students, fashion seems to take the back seat. With the goal of making it to class on time, many Centre students often overlook their wardrobe choices.

But as it turns out the term “dress for success” does really have an impact on how people perform.

Although at Centre students are valued more for what they can intellectually bring to the table, dressing nicely can have a significant impact on a person’s mood. Taking the time to look presentable can affect how you choose to approach and interact with the world.

`Several Centre students have noted that taking the time in the morning to dress nicely sets them up for a better day. Beyond highlighting certain aspects of personality, looking presentable instills confidence. When walking around Centre’s campus, one person who always looks fashionable is junior Allison Chumbley.

With her classic pieces and timeless style, Chumbley likes to keep her wardrobe simple. Focusing less on the new trends and more on portraying her own sense of style, Chumbley highlights her bright and bubbly personality.

“By rule of thumb, I like to go with what makes me feel most comfortable and confident,” she said. “I like to keep my wardrobe pretty simple.”

But dressing well does not mean that you have to break the bank. Chumbley does not typically focus on expensive clothing.

Allison Chumbley likes to mix and match brands when putting together ensembles, which are oftentimes a combination of J.Crew and Ann Taylor.

Allison Chumbley likes to mix and match brands when putting together ensembles, which are oftentimes a combination of J.Crew and Ann Taylor.

Instead, she models her closet after items seen in J.Crew, Fossil, and Ann Taylor Loft. She considers herself to be a “Maxx-inista,” as she can find fashionable inspiration from marked-down clothes, such as those at T.J. Maxx, and looks for stylish clothing without breaking her budget.

“I don’t really like spending money on clothes, but I do find a lot of brands I really like,” she said. “I like to find good deals.”

Chumbley’s friends like to describe her sense of style as classy and colorful. Sophomore Kirsten Larson commented that she always loves Chumbley’s outfits.

“When she is dressed up she does not overdo it,” she said. “I love her use of bright colors and accessories. She knows how to add the perfect touch to an outfit.”

Recently, Chumbley’s favorite accessory has been the Fossil watch she received for her birthday. She commented, “I don’t know how I went without a watch before. It is a good accessory and is very helpful to have.”

In terms of new trends, Chumbley adores sweaters with elbow patches. “I really like them,” she said. “My style usually gets more boring in the winter, so it is a fun way to keep things interesting.”

For junior Tristan Conroy, the essence of Chumbley’s self-styled look can be summed up in two words.

“Her fashion sense matches the seasons very well,” he said. “She knows how to keep it classy and elegant.”

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