The Centre Women’s Soccer team has gotten off to a solid start with a 4-1 record at home thus far.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Centre Women’s Soccer showed off their skills and achieved a 1-0 win against Berry College for the Lady Colonels.

“This year the wins are not coming as easily as we would like; however, I think we are optimistic because we are playing very well, accumulating stats. When looking at the box score, Centre would be on top. However, we as a group need to learn to finish games, so that the stats are in our favor,” Head Coach Jay Hoffman said.

The Centre Women’s soccer team prepares for an upcoming contest against Birmingham-Southern. They are undefeated in SAA play.

The Centre Women’s soccer team prepares for an upcoming contest against Birmingham-Southern. They are undefeated in SAA play.

The victories achieved by the Lady Colonels have been decisive, helping the players realize their potential.

“In the game against Hanover we saw everything we had done in practice come together on the field and we won 2-0. It was an eye opener for what we are capable of this year, and I think we have the potential to make an awesome run at our conference title in the NCAA tournament. Winning it the second year in a row would be a big thing for us,” sophomore midfielder and forward Alex Combs said.

The team has not let their victories distract from their focus on improving their skills.

Last year’s team featured leadership from four talented seniors, two of which were All-Americans. Following the graduation of those players, the team has had to adjust.

“Each player is trying to find their identity and what they can give to the team,” Hoffman said.

Current team captains Liz Miller, Anne Mitchell, and Morgan Collins have seen a different dynamic with this year’s team, but have effectively developed the team’s chemistry.

The Lady Colonels have identified their weaknesses, employed the mindset to perform at the highest-level possible, and will not be satisfied until they reach their goals.

Their contagious persistence has put them in an optimistic mood for the future games.

“We are in a transition period. We are having a lot of players step up and fill the roles they need to. I’ve enjoyed playing with two different teams. I got used to one class as a freshman, and you’re unsure what it’s going to be like without the seniors, but I have enjoyed the new dynamic of playing with the first-years. Players have come in and gained a lot of experience and that’s really going to push us towards our goals for this season and future seasons,” Combs said.

The dedicated atmosphere has been a welcoming environment for the newest members of the team.

First-year midfielder Madeline Walter saw the full extent of her team’s support after she tore her ACL during the Sept. 11 Hanover match.

“The girls have been nice and helpful. The transition from high school to college socially was easier than I thought, but soccer and school wise it is been a lot harder than I expected. It is a very different system of play, but it has been fun,” Walter said.

It can be difficult for athletes to manage their academic and athletic schedules. However, the pressure has pushed them to be their best and kept them from getting distracted.

The players are competing for a seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament, and with their skills as players, bond as a team, and constructive attitude, we can expect great things from this year’s team.

The Lady Colonels will visit Birmingham Southern on Oct. 11 in an SAA contest.

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