Early this past summer the names of almost 20 Major League Baseball (MLB) players were linked to a now closed anti-aging clinic, Biogenesis in Miami.

This clinic was connected to Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). Among these players were Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun and the highest paid player in the major leagues, New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez.

Both denied having access to PED’s through the Biogenesis clinic. Later, through an investigation done by the MLB association, both Braun and Rodriguez names were found on many documents in the Biogenesis clinic.

Braun was given a 50 game suspension. He very quickly denied the accusations and appealed his suspension. Soon after hearing about the strong amount of evidence against him he accepted the charges along with a 65 game suspension, ending his season.

Alex Rodriguez was handed a 211 game suspension by MLB, which is currently being appealed

Alex Rodriguez was handed a 211 game suspension by MLB, which is currently being appealed

Braun was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the year 2011. This is the year he has now admitted to using PEDs during.

Many have argued that he should now give the award to Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp, who was second in voting that year. This would be a largely symbolic apology and would reach out to those disappointed. Others argue that no other award has been returned, why start now?

“He should keep the award, based on precedence it’s his to keep,” senior member of the baseball team Kyle Neu said.

Sophomore Matt Broering expressed a different view than Neu.

“It’s only fair that the award be returned. He cheated and used steroids when he was awarded the MVP, so he didn’t win it on his own.” Broering said.

Much like Braun, Rodriguez was also given a suspension. Rodriguez’s suspension was for 211 games because this isn’t his first offense. He also quickly appealed his suspension.

Major League players accused by the MLB Association are expected to fight the suspension and efforts to charge the players with multiple offenses will take the fight to another level.

With Rodriguez being on the disabled list for a hip injury at the beginning of the season, he quickly appealed the suspension and is continuing to play, creating an argument amongst baseball fans.

Many others that are involved in this scandal, such as Braun, have already been sentenced. Rodriguez being allowed to play while others are suspended has caused a lot of controversy.

“A-Rod should not be allowed to play while he is appealing his suspension. None of the players mentioned should play until the scandal is resolved.“ Broering said.

With Rodriguez being the highest paid player, a two time MVP, and the active home run leader, he is by far the most accomplished player who has been mentioned in the scandal.

One of his MVP seasons had already been blemished after he admitted in 2009 to using PEDs.

Despite his confession Rodriguez has never been suspended for violating the MLB Drug Policy.

With these accomplishments there is the hanging question: will Rodriguez be allowed to enter the Hall of Fame? If based solely on performance then there is no doubt that Rodriguez would certainly be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Like many others of the steroid era, Rodriguez has an asterisk on his number.

Most believe that the door to the Hall of Fame remains closed to anyone linked to PEDs. It’s only the fact that he has never been suspended for violating MLB Drug Policy that makes one question his possible induction.

“With today’s day and age of baseball most good players use PEDs. He should go in!” first-year Nolan Coulter said.

Alex Rodriguez falls into the bucket with others such as Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire. All have excelled at the game of baseball, but they have all used PEDs. The game would not be the same without PEDs. If it wasn’t for McGwire and Sosa’s steroid filled homerun year baseball may have never been revived from the 1990s strike.

This summer’s portion of baseball had its fair share of PEDs issues. If in the fall Rodriguez is suspended for the 211 games, this will be the biggest PEDs scandal in MLB history.

Steroids have changed the game baseball and Americas favorite past time.

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