Jennifer Hormell – Cento Writer

The following is the Student Judiciary’s report of academic and social cases from the 2012-2013 academic year. The Student Government Association requires a summary of cases be published in the Cento at the beginning of each fall semester.

The current members of the Student Judiciary for the 2013-2014 academic year include: Stephen Metcalf (Chair), Jennifer Hormell (Secretary), and seniors CJ Donald, Audrey Jenkins, Cody Cook; juniors Sarah Cornett, Jessica Cruzan, Monica Fitch, David Newton, and Barrie Schmitt; Alternates: seniors Kathryn Hays and Luke Wetton; juniors Tyler Farquhar and John Wyatt.

Academic Cases:

There were no academic cases that were brought to the Student Judiciary in the previous academic year.

Social Cases:

There were two social cases that came before the Student Judiciary in the previous academic year. The first involved alcohol intoxication and failure to comply with a college official. The second involved conduct which intimidates another person on campus, on the basis of race.

The first case involved a student who had obtained multiple citations related to alcohol and disorderly conduct. Additionally, the student was accused of being noncompliant with college officials. The Judiciary found the student responsible and recommended that the student complete an alcohol assessment.

A $500 fine was also assesed as specified by the Student Handbook Policy Violations Penalities (pg. 103). The Student Judiciary also recommended other actions to be taken. These actions included: that the student participate in on-going counseling sessions, write letters of apology to all college officials involved in the incident, and write an educational flyer to be used for alcohol education on campus.

Additionally, the student was warned that any citation of alcohol intoxication for the remainder of the year would result in an automatic suspension. The student was also made aware that any form of noncompliance with the penalties assigned would be brought directly to the Student Judiciary.

The second case involved a student whose actions intimidated a fellow student on the basis of race.

The Judiciary found the student responsible in the case and recommended that the student write a letter of apology to the student affected by the inappropriate behavior. The student was also recommended to meet with President Roush to discuss the effect of their actions on the Centre community and to collaborate with a member of the Student Life Office to actively promote diversity awareness on campus.

The Student Judiciary would like to remind all students of the Civility Pledge that was introduced by the Student Government Association, which reads, “I promise to do my best, be my best, and respect the members and property of our Centre community.” This pledge was introduced as a way to empower students to set higher standards for themselves and for the College as a whole. It is our hope that these higher standards will lead to a more positive and effective environment for a life of learning, leadership, and service.

The Student Judiciary takes matters of academic and social policy violation very seriously.

We do this in an effort to maintain and promote the integrity and community we have here at Centre. Please let any member of the Judiciary know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We wish everyone a productive, successful, and fun year.

Editor’s Note: The names of all of the students involed in these cases have been kept anonymous. This is to ensure the privacy of those involved.


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