Tricks With a Strip of Fabric


Have you ever wondered how scarves became such a popular and widespread fashion accessory? Though continuously re-invented in different styles, fabrics, and usages, scarves have an extensive history that has hopped cultures and continents to become the pervasive fashion icon of cosmopolitan cities and liberal arts colleges alike.

The website Scarves Dot Net, dedicated to everything to do with scarves, displays a timeline that tracks the journey of the scarf. Typically, scarves are known to have been prevalent in the work attire of Romans—a far stretch from the playful uses of today’s fashionistas.

As for societies that began utilizing the scarf as a true fashion symbol, those in England during the reign of Queen Victoria come to mind. During the middle of the 19th century, English citizens in higher social classes incorporated scarves into their wardrobes. Such a distinction separated the wealthiest from the lowest of social classes. The establishment of the Burberry label in 1856 promoted the trend for those who could afford the fashion. The plaid scarf pattern with tan, red, and black hues was made famous under the brand.

Scarves Dot Net is a scarf universe and includes a sprawling scarf library featuring dozens of ways to tie scarves. From a Rosette Neck Wrap, Cowboy Bolo Tie, and a Scarf Bustier to the beloved Infinity Tie, this “master list” offers endless ways to continuously change the way that girls can accessorize their dresses and long-sleeved tees.

Even more, the website indulges the current do-it-yourself fad and suggests quirky, helpful, and unique ways of utilizing scarves.

Sophomore Kirsten Larson is inspired by thinking of fashion-formward ways in which to wear scarves around campus.

“Since coming to college, I’ve worn scarves a lot more than I have in the past. Going to a high school that had uniforms, we weren’t given as many creative options as those that are presented in college,” Larson said. “I love scarves because they dress up a simple outfit and can be used with different combinations of outfits. I’ve worn scarves with dresses, sweaters, and simple long-sleeved shirts.”

With the increasing number of Pinterest-savvy people taking to crafts as a way to create stylish and unusual household décor, Scarves Dot Net gives multiple ways in which one can satisfy a Pinterest craving. Check out the ways to use a scarf in a way that is not simply worn around the neck:

1. Scarf Bows for Flats: Take a scarf, cut out strips, and tie them into cute bows to then glue onto the toes of your favorite flats for an extra pop of style.

2. Table Runner: Need a fresh way to add a homey touch to your Pearl suite? Use a decorative scarf as a table runner for your coffee table.

3. Scarf Curtain: Have a closet full of scarves taking up much-needed space? If you have a lofted bed, tie your scarf collection around the platform of the bed and create a bohemian private space underneath, giving easy access to a needed accessory in the morning.

4. Camera Strap: Find a silk scarf and some key rings to make a fun strap that easily hangs around your neck. Carry your camera with you so you can snap away the day.

5. Headband: Roll up a scarf and tie it around your head for a thick and patterned headband!

6. Glass Covers: Having friends over to your Brockman for a get-together? Cut rectangle squares out of a scarf and wrap each fabric piece around your glasses. Tie a burlap string around each one to keep them in place and enjoy your cool beverage without the annoying moisture.

7. Handbag Strap: Want to spice up an ordinary handbag? Find a scarf that matches your outfit and twist it around the strap of your favorite tote. Alternate scarf colors and patterns to look like a different purse each time you carry it.

8. Belt: Wearing a sweater dress and need a fun way to liven up your outfit? Tie a scarf around your waist to add a pop of color that also serves as a belt!

9. Door Décor: Wanting to bring some festive spirit to your first-year dorm door? Buy a Styrofoam ring and your favorite fall-colored scarves to wrap around the ring. Tie the scarves around the whole ring and tie the ends in a bow and hang on your dorm as a homemade wreath.

10: Scarf Braids: Wrap your scarf around your head once and braid the hanging sides into your hair for a unique and colorful way to style your bed head before class.

With many options from which to choose and funky, innovative ways to use scarves, one is sure to find an application that suits both style and personality.

So craft, knot, and stay toasty as you enjoy the cozy trend this fall and winter season.


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