Ten checks in four years


1.  Run the Flame

Running The Flame is a Centre tradition, passed down from class to class. While it may be embarrassing and risky in terms of getting a citation, students partake in this tradition on what seems to be a weekly basis, especially on the weekends. It is common to see students running naked from all corners of campus to fulfill the requirements: being naked, running from your dormitory, then running three times around The Flame, and sprinting back to the safety of your room. One of the most interesting aspects of this is when snow is on the ground: you can always spot footprints in the snow around The Flame. Senior Lex Ehrenschwender is very familiar with this tradition. “To say Running The Flame has been a big part of my Centre career would be an understatement.  Because I didn’t drink until I was 21, I had to get creative when devising a ‘Centre Term Challenge’ for myself sophomore year. I decided that running The Flame would be a funny thing to do, little did I know that it would become a theme for the rest of my college career. I ran The Flame every single day that CentreTerm, including the last day in between exams, at about 11:30 a.m., during a class change,” Ehrenschwender said. He is notorious for running, and even walking, The Flame. “As an expert I do have a bit of advice for the novice flame runner, always wear your shoes, safety first!”

2.  Go to a classic “frat” party

Fraternity parties are notorious in media these days, whether it be in Animal House or in an article by the Huffington Post. College is a time to let loose, and what better way than to attend a party with hundreds of other students doing the exact same thing? Yes, they are noisy, crowded, and sometimes sticky. But it is a good place to go at least once, just to say that you did it. A junior, who would prefer to stay anonymous, said, “It was good to experience [a frat party], if only to figure out that I’d rather spend my time doing other things.”

3.  Study on the lawn

The Centre website is full of photos of students happily studying on the Campus Centre lawn, with Old Centre faded in the background. The lawn is a great place to study when the weather suits the occasion. Centre’s campus is beautiful, and what better way to enjoy your time on this campus than by studying for finals and simultaneously reveling in its beauty? “My favorite place to study is outside of Crounse while the weather is nice. Sometimes my friends and I get a blanket and [we] spend the afternoon in the sun,” junior Ryley Swanner said.

4.  Swing on the swing

The Centre swing is a great way to relieve stress and have a great time while you’re at it. The origins of the swing may be unknown, but it is confirmed that many students and local children created many pleasant memories over the years. Be sure to have this memory from your time at Centre—you will not regret it.

5.  Visit Millennium Park

Millennium Park is only a short walk or run down the road on Cunningham Drive, and it is a beautiful place to study, exercise, or just take a break from the stresses of daily Centre life. Many students are seen jogging to the park and getting in their daily dose of exercise. It is worth your while to visit the park at least once before your time at Centre comes to a close.

6.  Visit local restaurants (The Hub, Pizza Pub, Los Amigos)

Danville, as a small town, is lucky to have so many restaurants that are locally owned and unique. These restaurants typically serve you food with a smile, and have food full of amazing flavors. The Bluegrass Pizza and Pub is decorated in a hodge-podge way that is full of charm and their pizzas and local brews and to-die-for. The Hub, connected to the Centre Bookstore, has a variety of coffee creations that will give every student enough caffeine to get through the day. With a handful of Mexican restaurants (Los Amigos, Los Rodeos, and three Guadalajaras), your craving for tacos and quesadillas will never go unquenched. Plus, if you are 21 or over, Guady’s has a margarita that will leave you smiling.

7.  Midnight movie

Once-a-month, the Student Activities Council (SAC) hosts a free movie night at the local Danville move theatre where four newly released movies will play at midnight. Did I mention it is free? Students typically pile into cars and enjoy the benefits of new movies, without having to pay for their experience.

8.  Spend time with your professors

At Centre, every student has the opportunity to get to know their professors in nonconventional ways. This includes when the professors carol during finals week in December. Also every finals week, professors serve students their favorite breakfast food during the Late-Night Breakfasts . Professors also routinely invited their students into their homes, so never pass up on one of these invitations. These events are unique to Centre College, and you will regret missing out on them.

9.  Attend a Centre sports event

Centre offers a wide variety of sports, whether they are D3, IM, or even just a club. Where else will you be able to cheer on some of your best friends as they excel at their sport of choice? Also, join an IM or club team yourself and enjoy getting to know new people on campus. Sporting events are also a great way to socialize and meet new people. Do not miss out on these special moments.

10.  Take a photo by C6H0

C6H0 is more than just graffiti on a brick wall- it stands for perseverance, acceptance, and the ability for a small school from the South to defeat a prestigious Ivy League school. What better way to memorialize your time at Centre College than by taking a photo by this notoriously Centre landmark? Remember those who came before you and worked hard to make their goals a reality.


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