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Nominating DeVos: Choosing Stagnation over Education

BY LANEY TAYLOR — STAFF WRITER If you rely on financial aid to attend Centre, the confirmation of Betsy Devos should trouble you. If you are a survivor of sexual assault, Betsy DeVos should worry you. If you are a student in America, Betsy DeVos should terrify you. Betsy DeVos’ confirmation will go down in…

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Casualties of the Bowling Green Massacre

BY COLLEEN COYLE – STAFF WRITER Kellyanne Conway has a knack for performing interview gymnastics, twisting away from direct answers, spinning around tough questions, and sometimes improvising when she considers it necessary. Simply watch a video of Ms. Conway on any major cable news network and you can’t help but admire her verbal agility, as…

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Have You Heard About the Emails?

BY JAKE MCGUIRK – STAFF WRITER As if the country had not had a big enough dose of reality television from the meteoric ascendance of Donald Trump, the FBI further fueled Hillary Clinton’s email “scandal” days before the election. Yet the news did not reach the public directly from Director James Comey, but rather via…

CentOnion: Centre to Host 2016 Vice Presidential Cage Brawl

BY BRENNEN AMONETT – STAFF WRITER The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) revealed a new partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) today, announcing the first ever Vice Presidential Fight-to-the-Death Cage Brawl. This event is set to take place at Centre College on October 13th, 2016, and will be the fourth of now five general election…

Girls Can Throw Parties, Too

BY THE EDITORIAL BOARD As with many colleges, a staple of Centre’s student culture is the frat party; nearly every weekend, any number of the school’s six fraternities will open their houses to the student body for a night of themed outfits, blaring music, and dancing away the stresses of the week. Banners hung in…

Kentucky Kernel Scandal: A University’s Failure

BY JAKE MCGUIRK – STAFF WRITER A University of Kentucky professor resigned recently over his involvement in a case of sexual harassment. In response, the college conducted an internal investigation and reached a deal in February with the accused, James Harwood, allowing him to resign and receive pay and benefits through August 31. The Kentucky…

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