SGA Unanimously Passes New Diversity Initiative

BY JARED THOMPSON – NEWS EDITOR At the meeting of the Student Government Association on April 27th, the body took up discussion and unanimously passed a new initiative aimed at increasing the representation of certain populations of Centre students within the Student Government Association. The proposal, brought by Senior Senator Lola Fakunle, Secretary of Administration…


Trump’s Syria Strike Ignites Foreign Policy Debate

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER On April 6th, President Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles launched at the Syrian air base holding the same planes used to carry out chemical attacks on civilians.   The move has spurred a great deal of controversy, with some extolling the president for taking action against Assad, while others…

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Macron and Le Pen: A Face-Off for the Future of France

BY MORGAN UNDERWOOD – STAFF WRITER We are now through the first round of the French Presidential Elections, going from four main candidates to two. The Front National Leader Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron of the newly created (only this past September) En Marche party are the two candidates that earned the votes in…


Kentucky’s Last Abortion Provider Stays Open Pending Lawsuit

BY KATHLEEN MURPHY – STAFF WRITER The Kentucky state government and the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville, the last abortion provider in Kentucky, reached an agreement in court on the 4th, allowing the clinic to remain open as a federal lawsuit between the two parties continues. The federal lawsuit started after the state informed…


Centre College Seeks New Director of Global Citizenship

BY MAX ADDINGTON – STAFF WRITER Centre College is currently in the process of selecting a new Director of Global Citizenship. The application process began when Dr. Milton Reigelman, the current Director of Global Citizenship, announced his retirement during the Spring of 2016. The selection committee began meeting the following semester, and applications were accepted…


SGA Debate Allows Candidates to Address Issues Directly

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER Centre’s candidates for Student Government office faced off in a debate on March 14, roughly two weeks ago. Students running for positions as Student Government President, Speaker of the House, President of the Student Senate, and President of the Student Activities Council, spoke on stage, discussing their platforms, addressing…


GOP Fails to Gain Momentum to Repeal Obamacare

BY COLLEEN COYLE – STAFF WRITER Over the past week as Centre students sunned themselves on beaches or enjoyed quality time with their dogs and Netflix, the GOP suffered defeat at the hands of their own party as they attempted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, more widely known as Obamacare. The failure…


McReynolds Hall Is Renamed Amid Revelations

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER The Centre College Board of Trustees has recently voted to remove the name of Justice James McReynolds from the McReynolds residence hall, in light of his prejudiced views and behavior. A group of Centre students researched McReynold’s background and requested to have the name, due to his misogynistic, racist,…

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