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SGA Amendment Unity

BY PETER YANG – STAFF WRITER In a vote ending on September 15th, the student body voted in favor of an amendment which would add six seats to SGA. While 68% of the student body voted, 57% of them voted in favor of it. This is a significant difference compared to the unanimous vote inside…


Be the Change: Centre Students work to Improve Title IX

BY MAGGIE MYERS – STAFF WRITER Title IX is a federal law that was implemented in 1972 stating that no person should be denied their right to an education, and no person should experience discrimination of any kind within their education system. Each school or university has some form of this law that applies to…


Spotlight on Brian Daniel: the new Director of Residence Life

BY OLIVIA MURRELL – STAFF WRITER As of July 1st, Brian Daniel assumed the position of Director of Residence Life here at Centre College. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. Afterwards, he earned his Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,…


Colonel Spotlight: Softball Coach Tori Brown

BY WILSON BLAKEMAN – STAFF WRITER “I will tell you: I went down to Melton’s Deli the other day and they knew my name. I got all kinds of excited about that!” New Centre Softball Coach Tori Brown is new to Danville, but is no stranger to small-town living. Growing up in Harrison, OH just…


Solidarity, Post-Charlottesville

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER In recent years, Centre has taken measures to ensure a more inclusive and diverse campus, open to individuals from various backgrounds. However, our campus must contend with the difficult reality of existing in a part of the country that frequently fails to accept deviations from the norm. Although Centre…


Presidential Tweets: Donald Trump’s Controversial GIF

BY AILIYAH ALIM – STAFF WRITER It is no secret that the Trump Administration has been controversial. Throughout his eight months in office, Trump has faced public criticism for his undisclosed and suspect ties to Russia, aggressive immigration policies, mocking American citizens with disabilities, and his apparent desire for escalation with North Korea. Though not…

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