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Trump’s Syria Strike Ignites Foreign Policy Debate

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER On April 6th, President Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles launched at the Syrian air base holding the same planes used to carry out chemical attacks on civilians.   The move has spurred a great deal of controversy, with some extolling the president for taking action against Assad, while others…

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Macron and Le Pen: A Face-Off for the Future of France

BY MORGAN UNDERWOOD – STAFF WRITER We are now through the first round of the French Presidential Elections, going from four main candidates to two. The Front National Leader Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron of the newly created (only this past September) En Marche party are the two candidates that earned the votes in…

“Fake News” Does not belong on Our Campus

BY RACHAEL BLANDAU – OPINIONS EDITOR Last week a banner was hung in Cowan proclaiming a meeting for a “dialogue on Pro-life.” Yet, as was quickly ascertained, a dialogue was not the only intention of this meeting. The moderator was Brenna Lewis, a member of the non-profit organization Students for Life of America, whose mission…


The Big Apple: Free Education in New York

BY OLIVIA MURRELL – STAFF WRITER  The state of New York recently created The Excelsior Scholarship, which will offer free tuition at two and four- year colleges. Only full-time students within the State University of New York system would be covered, however, this does encompass 64 campuses and over 1 million students. Students that come…


High Hopes or Hopelessness: Trump and el-Sisi’s Budding Relationship

BY KATHLEEN MURPHY – STAFF WRITER After twin suicide bombings on Coptic Churches on the important Christian holy day of Palm Sunday in Egypt, American president, Donald Trump, called Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to express his condolences. While such exchanges among world leaders after tragedies are usually common, the sentiments expressed went beyond polite…


Chelsea Handler Brings Trump and Trouble to Netflix

BY MORGAN UNDERWOOD – STAFF WRITER TV personality, talk show host, and comedian Chelsea Handler has been turning TV on its head since her beginnings on the E Network with her show “Chelsea Lately”. Now with her new show “Chelsea,” which will be premiering its second season on Netflix May 5, she is changing the…

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