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Perez Elected DNC Chair, and the Future of the Democratic Party

BY DEVIN BAKER — STAFF WRITER Tom Perez, the former labor secretary for President Obama, was elected as the newest Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman for the Democratic Party. Perez replaces interim chair Donna Brazile after a long, four-month race and an interesting final day of voting. Given the hotly contested battle between Hillary Clinton and…

Islam in America: Giving This Peaceful Religion a Face

BY OLIVIA MURRELL This past January during Centre Term, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Christian Haskett led a course on Islam in America. For the first week or so, the students engaged with some literary material regarding Islam. They began with some rich historical material regarding the long history that Islam has had in America….


Faculty Recommended Reads

BY ZAMIRAH HUSSAIN – STAFF WRITER Books can leave a very profound impact on a person’s life. A book you read as a 7-year old can evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder ten years later.  Literature and the arts is a way of exploring what you don’t know and what you’d like to know. My…

Sick at Centre: A Roadmap

BY MORGAN UNDERWOOD – STAFF WRITER It’s 7:30 in the morning, you wake up feeling terrible and unusually tired, but you can’t afford to miss class at this point in the semester so you decide to attend anyway. Fast forward 24 hours later when you’re waking up again at 7:30 in the morning to puke…


Ben Coates Platform

Greetings Colonels, I am honored to have the opportunity to run for Student Government Association President. My drive to run for this position stems from 2 and a half years of communicating with students about their needs and desires on campus. Each point in my platform represents issues that come directly from the students, that…


Kirby Fitzpatrick Platform

Centre friends, I am so excited to be running for SGA President. I have been on SGA for each semester I have been on campus, including spending two years on Executive Council as Communications Chairman and Secretary of Administration. As Communications Chairman, I worked to ensure that students were able to find any information about…


Walker Morrell Platform

After spending two years on SGA and one year as a member of Exec, I’ve learned that the best perspective to bring to student government is one that leads by selflessness and uses the tangible resources SGA provides to support the overall more significant goal of making the campus community a place that all students…


Spotlight on: Alpha Phi Omega

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER While volunteering at Soups-on-Us one Saturday morning, sophomore David Kim noticed that a large portion of the student volunteers belonged to Centre’s co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega (APO). “I thought these people were pretty cool to be spending their weekend helping others,” Kim said. Inspired by their values,…


Alex Grove Platform

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Grove, and I’m running to be your Speaker of the House for the Student Government Association during the 2017-2018 school year. I have a unique and ambitious vision for our already wonderful community in the upcoming year. On campus, I’m involved in several clubs and have faithfully served on…

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