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SGA Debate 2017

Kirby Fitzpatrick | Candidate for SGA President “Centre friends, I am so excited to be running for SGA President. I have been on SGA for each semester I have been on campus, including spending two years on Executive Council as Communications Chairman and Secretary of Administration. As Communications Chairman, I worked to ensure that students were able…


McReynolds Hall Is Renamed Amid Revelations

BY STEWART COARD – STAFF WRITER The Centre College Board of Trustees has recently voted to remove the name of Justice James McReynolds from the McReynolds residence hall, in light of his prejudiced views and behavior. A group of Centre students researched McReynold’s background and requested to have the name, due to his misogynistic, racist,…

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Amid Scandals, The French Presidential Election Continues

BY KATHLEEN MURPHY – STAFF WRITER With polls for the first round of the elections set to open April 23, two of the main contenders in the French presidential elections find themselves tangled in allegations of misuse of public funds and promoting violent imagery online. Until recently the top contender, François Fillon of the conservative…


Centre Debates New Medical Amnesty Policy

BY HALEY VARNADOE – STAFF WRITER From day one at Centre College, students are immediately educated on the dangers of alcohol through programs such as AlcoholEDU and are informed of the disciplinary actions set forth by the school’s alcohol policy. Currently, the school’s policy has a single use medical amnesty policy, to be used when…

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Horky House Car Accident Leaves One Dead

BY MAX ADDINGTON – STAFF WRITER On February 20 at around 7:15 a.m. Eastern Time, Ricky Baker drove his car into the front of the Horky House on Centre College’s campus. According to Director of Facilities Management Wayne King, there were no signs of an attempt to brake before hitting the building. Authorities have indicated…

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Winners Need to Go Home Too

BY LANEY TAYLOR — STAFF WRITER Fridays at 7:41 A.M. were punctuated by the side eye of my neighbor trying to take out the trash. The twang of Bluegrass Junction apparently warmed all cars but only some hearts. Fridays at 7:44 A.M. were marked by the palpable relief in finding a clear stretch of road…

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BY KATHLEEN MURPHY — STAFF WRITER Throughout his terms as president, many called Barack Obama a “social media president” with his young, tech-savvy campaign and White House staff. So in the social media era, what does this make Donald Trump? The obvious answer is the Twitter president. Throughout the election, he was known for his tweets–for…

The United States and “Neocolonialism”

BY ZAMIRAH HUSSAIN — STAFF WRITER Colonialism is defined as “the quality or state of being colonial; control by one power over a dependent area or people.” While this definition can easily be argued, it does provide a base for the much larger social concept of colonization. The European colonial period often referred to as the…

Centre Baseball off to Best Start in 25 Years

BY EMMA PRESBERG – STAFF WRITER  After completing their first 10 games, Centre Baseball sits at an impressive 8-2. This includes sweeping both Coast Guard and Defiance while splitting their recent series against Whitman. The program is off to their best start in 25 seasons, when the Colonels won their first 11 games in 1992….

Men’s and Women’s Basketball Seasons Come to Close in SAA Tournament

BY EMMA PRESBERG – STAFF WRITER  Centre men’s basketball finished the season after falling to Birmingham Southern 77-71 in the SAA conference tournament semi-finals. The Colonels ended the season 14-11 overall and 9-5 in conference play. First year guard Perry Ayers came into his first collegiate season and quickly found his place. Ayers finished second…

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