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Artivism Festival: Timely, Profound, and Unforgettable.

BY GABRIELA CIPOLLA – ARTS & LEISURE EDITOR  “To be an artist is to believe in life,” quotes artist Henry Moore. “And that’s the entire point of art,” senior environmental studies major, Mariah Harrod, states, “it inspires people to believe in something and gives their passion to others.” Harrod and her peers recently coordinated an…

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President-Elect Trump: Where We Stand

BY BRENNEN AMONETT – STAFF WRITER On April 12th, 2015, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her intention to run for President of the United States. On June 16th, after 14 other candidates announced their intentions to run for the Republican nomination, business mogul Donald J. Trump formally declared his intention to do…

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Protests at Standing Rock Continue

BY SEBASTIAN DUNCAN – STAFF WRITER Depending on who you ask, the Dakota Access Pipeline is either an economic boon or an environmental hazard. Thousands of people have joined camps at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to oppose the construction of the pipeline, and daily protests have led to clashes between the…

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From Port Royal to Danville: Wendell Berry at Centre

BY JAKE MCGUIRK – STAFF WRITER Wendell Berry visited Centre this past week to read from his work and converse with students. He came to us, radiant and witty, to share his intellect and poetic spirit. If you read Berry, you know his genius. If you heard him speak, you know his heart. I will…

Bringing It Home: Centre Cheerleaders Protest Inequality

BY COLLEEN COYLE – STAFF WRITER  In the past issue, we looked at the history of political protest in sports. This week’s focus investigates protest on the playing field and how it’s affecting Centre students right here on campus.   Protests have erupted across the nation after the recent presidential election, and their impact is…


Big View of a Little Rock

BY BECKY FULTON – STAFF WRITER   Thus far, 2016 has been a year with many turbulent events, even including a few instances where the moon seems to be bigger in the night sky. Monday marked the peak of an unusually big and bright Moon, commonly referred to as a “supermoon,” appearing 30 percent bigger…


A Dually Delectible Experience: Chocolate and Tea

  BY JASON PINTO – STAFF WRITER  Tea is an art shared by numerous cultures since the 3rd century C.E. Its preparation and consumption is a ritual that relaxes the body and mind and intrigues the senses with its combination of simplicity and aromatic complexity. Chocolate was invented in 1900 B.C.E. but is now widely…

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Have You Heard About the Emails?

BY JAKE MCGUIRK – STAFF WRITER As if the country had not had a big enough dose of reality television from the meteoric ascendance of Donald Trump, the FBI further fueled Hillary Clinton’s email “scandal” days before the election. Yet the news did not reach the public directly from Director James Comey, but rather via…


Movember: It’s a Hairy Situation

BY EMILY INNES – STAFF WRITER  It’s that time of year again. Your guy friends start having more stubble, that one kid seemed to have grown a beard overnight… It can only mean one thing: Movember is here. While many are more familiar with the “No-Shave November” concept, Movember is a nonprofit campaign that encourages…

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