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Plenty of TLC (Tinder Loving Care) offered in newest dating App

By Audrey Jenkins – Staff Writer Everyone always says that college is the ideal place to find a life partner, but what Centre student has time for real dating? Between club meetings, sports practice, late-night Taco Bell runs with your girls, and Facebook creeping in the library, finding the time and energy to pursue meaningful…


Snapshots Abroad: A CentreTerm study abroad photo journal

By Sarah Cornett –  Editor-In-Chief It is no surprise that with 85 percent of all students studying abroad at least once, Centre’s study abroad programs are growing. This past CentreTerm semester though, it seemed like the trips grew even more in number and in exotic location. In fact, this year the trips appeared to reach…

New Year’s Resolutions: A Peek Into Their Notebooks

By Regan Devlin – Cento Writer While establishing goals for oneself is a noble ambition, New Year’s resolutions are notorious for their inconclusive nature; starting off the New Year with high hopes and a fresh slate sounds good in theory, but it is a well-known reality that many abandon these objectives soon after their establishment….


Recyclemania competition returns to Centre College for spring semester

By Derek Beaven – Staff Writer Recyclemania has returned to Centre’s campus this spring. The nationwide recycling event began in 2001 with a recycling competition between Ohio University and Miami University, who were both looking for ways to promote recycling among students. The event has grown ever since, including 461 schools for the 2014 competition year….

The Play by Play: Derek Jeter, the Legend

By CJ Donald – Columnist In athletics, there is a notion that there are only two types of competitors. The first is the kind of player that many folks paint as boring. He or she believes in the sanctity of the sport. Any success is attributed to the love of family and support of friends….


Sochi Olympics allow for unity between nations

By Matt Cox – Sports Editor Olympians have always been considered the peak of the athletic pyramid. They are competing for much more than the typical professional athlete. It is a matter of pride and nationalism instead of simply a quest for a trophy or ring. The amount of training and preparation they must endure…


Vagina Monologues takes campus by storm

By Alec Hudson – Staff Writer Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues has been a major cultural achievement for the feminist movement since its premiere in 1996. On Feb. 18 and 19, a group of Centre College students, with funding provided by CentrePlayers, put on two performances of the work to raise awareness about sexual violence…


Men’s Basketball is hitting their stride

By Derek Beaven – Staff Writer Sitting at 18-4, the Centre College Men’s Basketball team has had quite an impressive season thus far. The Colonels have remained a perfect 7-0 at home, posted an eleven-game win streak, and are ranked 22nd in NCAA Division III. “The season is going great,” junior forward Josh Karsner said….


Centre senior interns at Paramount Theatre

By Laura Humble – Staff Writer Senior Martha Grace Burkey is on the fast track to success in the world of theatre. During CentreTerm, she participated in an internship at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, diving headfirst into post-college life in the theatre community. “I was the Arts Outreach and Education Intern, [where] I…

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